# Available Rules

  • 🌟 mark: the rule which is enabled by eslint-comments/recommended preset.
  • ✒️ mark: the rule which is fixable by eslint --fix command.

# Best Practices

Rule ID Description
eslint-comments/disable-enable-pair require a eslint-enable comment for every eslint-disable comment 🌟
eslint-comments/no-aggregating-enable disallow a eslint-enable comment for multiple eslint-disable comments 🌟
eslint-comments/no-duplicate-disable disallow duplicate eslint-disable comments 🌟
eslint-comments/no-unlimited-disable disallow eslint-disable comments without rule names 🌟
eslint-comments/no-unused-disable disallow unused eslint-disable comments
eslint-comments/no-unused-enable disallow unused eslint-enable comments 🌟

# Stylistic Issues

Rule ID Description
eslint-comments/no-restricted-disable disallow eslint-disable comments about specific rules
eslint-comments/no-use disallow ESLint directive-comments
eslint-comments/require-description require include descriptions in ESLint directive-comments